Current staff

prof. dr. Steven Vanderputten 

dr. Micol Long (postdoctoral research fellow)

drs. Catherine Rosbrook (PhD researcher)

drs. Johan Belaen (PhD researcher)

drs. Wannes Verstrepen (PhD researcher, co-tutelle with KU Leuven)


Former staff

dr. Tjamke Snijders (PhD researcher 2005-2010, postdoctoral research fellow 2010-2015)

dr. Benjamin Pohl (postdoctoral research fellow, 2015)

dra. Jirki Thibaut (PhD researcher 2015-20, PhD obtained 2020)

dra. Helena Vanommeslaeghe (PhD researcher 2011-2017, PhD obtained 2017)

drs. Koen Vanheule (PhD researcher 2012-2016, PhD obtained 2016)

drs. Pieter Byttebier (PhD researcher 2013-)

drs. Sam Janssens (PhD researcher 2013-17)

dra. Julia Exarchos (PhD researcher, 2013-16)

dr. Nicolas Ruffini (co-tutelle with Dr. Jean-François Nieus, 2009-13)

dr. Gerben Verbrugghe (co-tutelle with prof. Wim Declercq, 2016-20)


Incoming researchers and guest professors

  1. 2017-19 John Glasenapp (Fulbright fellow, Columbia University)
  2. 2017-19 Brianne Dolce (BAEF fellow, Yale)
  3. 2016-17 Sean Sapp (Fulbright fellow, Notre Dame)
  4. 2016-17 Lydia Walker (Fulbright fellow, University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
  5. 1/9-30/10/2015 dr. Kriston Rennie (Visiting fellow, University of Queensland)
  6. 1-30/6/2013 dr. Jay Diehl (Visiting fellow, University of Long Island)
  7. 1/8-31/8/2012  dr. Nicholas Schroeder (Visiting researcher, ULB)
  8. 24/2-24/3/2012 dr. Jörg Sonntag (Visiting fellow, University of Dresden)
  9. 1/9/2011-28/2/2012 dr. Andrew Turner (VLAC fellow, University of Melbourne)
  10. 1/7-31/7/2010 prof. Diane Reilly (Visiting fellow, University of Indiana at Bloomington)
  11. 1/9/2009-31/1/2010 prof. Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld (VNC NIAS fellow, University of Tilburg)
  12. 1/6-10/7/2009 prof. Scott Bruce (Visiting fellow, University of Colorado at Boulder)